Your guarantee that we always deliver the very best quality

pierre.dk Autolakering A/S is a member of the Danish Association of Auto and Industrial Painters (Foreningen af Auto- og Industrilakerere – FAI), and most of pierre.dk’s painting centres are KS 2000 certified through this working relationship.
This means you can be sure of receiving the best possible service and an excellent product every time you place an order with us.
KS 2000 certification is your guarantee that pierre.dk will always maintain a high level of professionalism. At the same time, it confirms that the quality we deliver is the best on the market.

KS 2000 certification is your guarantee

This guarantee applies, for example, in the context of:
• Paint layer structure
• Colour match
• Gloss
• Layer thickness
• Surface structure
• Surface purity
At the same time, you can be sure of a fair deal – as regards guarantees, prices, complaints procedures and non-conformance processing.
Our certifications ensure that pierre.dk constantly delivers a documented and thoroughly checked high-quality product which – as a minimum – lives up to FAI’s recommendations, standards and norms.

Focus on the environment

Over and above assuring customers good service, the various certifications also ensure that pierre.dk shows all due consideration to the environment. Every year, we set up new environmental action plans and environmental goals to make sure that we optimise our environmental and energy performance.
We also prepare an environmental report that you are welcome to order. To receive a copy, simply email us at pierre@pierre.dk

The guarantee terms in detail

Section 1 The Agreement:
Item 1
An offer made is valid for 20 working days from its date of issue. The offer shall no longer apply if it is not accepted in writing before the expiry of this deadline.
Item 2
The price only covers what is specifically stated in the confirmation of order.
Item 3
The prices stated apply to delivery from the vendor’s workshop and do not include transport.
Section 2 Delivery/execution:
Item 1
The time for the execution of the work will be agreed separately on entering into the contract.
Item 2
The place of work and delivery is the vendor’s workshop. If the vendor is to organise the transport and has not received any written instructions about this, the vendor will choose the means of transport and route that he considers most appropriate.
Item 3
If the vendor is unable to comply with the agreed delivery time, the vendor undertakes to inform the purchaser of same without delay.
Item 4
If the purchaser should fail to receive/collect the delivery on the agreed day, the unit will be stored at the vendor’s place of work/warehouse or at a different location at the risk and expense of the purchaser.
Section 3 Payment:
Item 1
The payment price falls due for payment in cash 14 days after the date of delivery.
Item 2
If the purchaser fails to pay the sum owing on the due date, interest will be charged pursuant to the provisions of the Danish Interest Act. In some cases, extra fees may also be added.
Section 4 Quality requirements:
Item 1
In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, the painting will be finished in accordance with auto painting industry (FAI) standards and norms for finished paintwork.
Item 2
As, in the case of partial painting assignments, it is not possible to assure 100 per cent colour match with the adjacent areas, the purchaser is obliged to accept minor colour deviations. Acceptable colour deviations are described in DIN 6175, section 1: ‘Colour tolerances in the automotive industry’.
Item 3
If performance of the assignment involves materials that the customer supplies or requires to be used, the vendor cannot guarantee the quality of the work performed.
Item 4
A 12-month warranty is provided.
Section 5 Responsibility for defects:
Item 1
If the painting assignment is to be performed on units that have been pre-treated by other parties or on an existing treatment, the vendor’s responsibility will only extend to damage provably attributable to the vendor’s own work, unless preceding treatment has been obviously defective.
The vendor is obliged to inform the purchaser of defective pre-treatment. If the purchaser nevertheless requests the work done, the vendor accepts no liability for the quality.
Item 2
The purchaser is obliged to check all units immediately on collection/delivery, and to inform the vendor without delay about any complaints concerning visible defects.
Item 3
The vendor’s liability extends exclusively to defects that the purchaser calls to his attention within one year of the day on which the units were delivered to the purchaser.
Throughout the liability period, the vendor is obliged to rectify any defects identified subsequent to delivery.
Item 4
The vendor’s liability does not extend to indirect losses, such as loss of business, loss of profit, fines or other such indirect losses and/or any consequential expenses.
Item 5
If, in connection with damage covered by insurance, the necessary dismantling of fender profiles, handles, windows, etc. is not performed by the purchaser, the vendor accepts no liability for peeling, rust penetration and rust leaching at joins.
Item 6
The vendor accepts no liability for defects resulting from:
• Mechanical impact subsequent incorrect treatment of the paintwork, or other influences that cannot be attributed to the paint work itself, such as stone chips.
• The utilisation of the units before the paintwork has had time to harden sufficiently (including the application of emblems or similar).
• Chemical and thermal influences on the units subsequent to delivery, of which the vendor has no knowledge and which do not accord with the specifications applicable to the paint in question.
Item 7
No paint factory can deliver paint that water cannot penetrate. If the painting work is performed correctly, and if the paint is applied in the thickness stated by the relevant paint factory, the vendor cannot be held liable for any moisture bubbles that may form. In this context ‘moisture bubbles’ is taken to mean blisters in the paintwork that may occur as a result of the long-term influence of moisture.
Item 8
Any disputes are to be settled by the FAI’s board of appeal.