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Semler Retail A/S

Lars Rasmussen

Managing Director

“Our cooperation with pierre.dk dates back to 2012. We have had a close dialogue from the start, and as a result we have not only created a common culture in our locations across the country, but also a common mindset for what constitutes good quality.

It is very much about the fact that we have written down all the procedures and processes. Everyone knows what they need to do down to the smallest detail – and what is important to prioritise from task to task. In addition to high quality and flexibility, this ensures fast turnaround times. And that is really important to us because if there is one thing we know for sure, it is that customers can never get their cars back fast enough.

At pierre.dk, therefore, we have a partner with both muscle and know-how, and whose open, responsive and solution-oriented approach helps us stay sharp from start to finish.”

P. Christensen A/S

Klaus Kjær

Aftermarket Manager

“We have cooperated with pierre.dk on numerous occasions. In the last four years, however, they have stepped up their game and are now the main supplier of car paint at all our locations in Denmark. There is a lot of personal contact throughout the process, which makes for good work and good results.

With pierre.dk everything runs very smoothly. This is because they understand our business and know what is important to us. At the same time, their standardised processes help ensure a prolific workflow and consistent high quality in everything we do. If a problem does arise, they follow through quickly and meet all their commitments. Naturally, this makes it easy for us to meet our commitments.

We have to be as competitive as possible. This means that there is a focus on quality, price, efficiency and reliability of delivery every single day. I can only say that we have a good rapport with pierre.dk in every respect.”

Toyota Louis Lund A/S

Lars B. Hansen

Aftermarket Manager

“We have had good and close cooperation with Pierre.dk for a little more than three years. They are an important partner and they help us daily with both paintwork and Dinitrol rust protection at our four branches in southwest Jutland.

It is a collaboration that we value greatly. Everything is done in a highly professional manner and to our complete satisfaction. It is important for us, and for our customers, that we deliver high-quality services every time. At the same time, it is a big plus that they are conveniently located in relation to our branches. Their work processes combined with ours minimise downtime and ensure a high level of efficiency in our workshops.

We have three parameters: Quality, delivery reliability and price, and Pierre.dk delivers on all three. Finally, we also share and are driven by the same ambition, to become a little better every day. That is why I feel confident that our strong cooperation will continue in the future.”






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