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For many years, we have sponsored one of the strongest men’s handball teams in Denmark – KIF Kolding – which is now known as the leading club in the country: KIF Kolding København (Copenhagen).


Kasper Hvidt (1), Lars Jørgensen (6), Lasse Boesen (3) and Bo Spellerberg (8). Big, famous names on the Danish handball scene – and all names that feature on the team list of KIF Kolding København, Denmark’s new super club.

KIF Kolding København was founded in late summer 2012, when it proved possible to bring the best players from AG København into the KIF locker room.
 KIF Kolding København is a team packed with talented – and experienced – players, led by two skilled coaches. Together, they constitute a team that plans to take European handball by storm.


KIF Kolding København stands with one foot in Kolding and the other in Copenhagen, which has a major influence on where the team plays its home fixtures. In principle, half the games are played in the east of Denmark (in the TREFOR Arena in Brøndby) and the other half in the west of the country (in the TREFOR Arena in Kolding).
pierre.dk Autolakering A/S is proud to support elite level sport, and having been a major sponsor of KIF Kolding for many years, it was only natural for us to lend our weight to this remarkable project.
KIF Kolding København continues to build on the professional traits that have long distinguished KIF – which, with 12 championships to its name, is already a true giant in the sport.

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“We are proud to support
​elite level sport, and as a
​major sponsor of KIF Kolding for many years, it was only natural to lend our weight to this local project.”

– Pierre Legarth

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