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The overarching goal for pierre.dk is to provide the highest quality on the market – on time – and to be the preferred partner of car dealers. At the same time, the company is to generate profits appropriate to its growth and investments.

pierre.dk focuses clearly on streamlined processes that lead to visible results and satisfaction among both customers and employees.

  • pierre.dk focuses clearly on streamlined processes that lead to visible results and satisfaction among both customers and employees.
  • In the financial year 2014/15, the company achieved benefits of scale that enabled it to set records for both top and bottom lines, and put it in a position to continue to optimise customer service, production conditions and work processes for the benefit of customers and employees alike.
  • In recent years, pierre.dk has developed from a leading national operator into an international player in the field of auto painting.
  • The company currently operates more than 60 paint centres in Denmark and Sweden. Moreover, the company is the biggest and leading auto painting operator in Europe.
  • Over the coming years, pierre.dk will devote significant resources to consolidating and expanding its position of market leader and preferred partner for car dealers in Denmark and Sweden.
  • The company expects to complete around 3–5 paint centre acquisitions per year – primarily in Denmark and Sweden via its sister chain pierre Billackering AB.
  • pierre.dk completes more than 150,000 paint damage repairs every year and employs more than 500 people.


  • In 2005, pierre.dk established its head office in Kolding, Denmark, and invested DKK 50 million in setting up the biggest and most modern painting facility in Europe at the same address. The centre also serves as a training college for current and future employees, who go there to study topics such as how to streamline and optimise all painting processes and structures in everyday work situations.
  • The regional paint centre comprises fully 5,000 m2 of ultra-modern auto painting facilities, and the sheer size makes a real difference to the significant capacity improvement pierre.dk has achieved.


  • For example, employees can carry out more than 100 paint damage repair assignments per day in Kolding. The spray cabins can hold up to eight cars at a time, and what are known as the ‘pre-repair cabins’ for spot painting have room for 32 cars at a time. The finishing department for final checking has room for 25–30 cars.
  • The optimised layout makes it possible to guarantee delivery times of 24–48 hours.


  • At our regional centre, we also take pride in showing consideration for the environment. The energy supply to the process facility is based on gas, while district heating is used to cover the spatial heating requirements.
  • Resource consumption is limited through the use of automatic sensor timers for opening/closing all doors and loading bays, and for the activation of water, light and ventilation. At the same time, we at pierre.dk are working concertedly to minimise emissions of volatile organic solvents.


  • ‘Auto painting’ and ‘occupational health and safety’ do not immediately sound like closely related concepts; however, the working environment at the leading auto painting company in Europe is actually one of the best and safest anywhere. In all pre-repair cabins, air is streamed across the cars at a rate of 0.2 m/s, which is equivalent to the airflow in the company’s hi-tech spray-painting facilities.
  • This room ventilation is sufficient to replace the air in the preparation areas, where fumes and polishing dust are removed using filters and floor grilles. The painting processes in the ultra-modern USI Chronotech spray-painting cabins primarily involve water-based foundation colours and scratch-proof clear varnishes from BASF/Glasurit.


  • The regional centre in Kolding, Denmark, is currently the most modern and eco-friendly auto painting facility in Europe. With a maximum capacity and technology level on a par with the best in the world, the company is close to achieving its vision of providing customers with ‘the auto painting solution of the future’. This does not mean that the vision has been achieved in full, however, as there is always room for improvement; today, tomorrow and ten years from now.

“We are the preferred
​partner of car dealers everywhere – today,
​tomorrow and ten
​years from now.”

– Pierre Legart

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pierre.dk Autolakering A/S

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