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Stefan Hansen, COO, (right) with the visible proof from Bentley. He is pictured here with Mads Blume, Environmental and Aftermarket Manager for the Group.

pierre.dk Autolakering A/S, the biggest and most modern auto painting chain in Europe, has now received tangible proof and certification stating that it is the only auto painting company authorised to paint luxurious models from Bentley.

It has required a lot of hard work to make it this far, but the reward for the high level of focus and dedication has now arrived at the head office of pierre.dk Autolakering A/S in Kolding, Denmark.
The reward in question is a specially signed – and framed – glass diploma stating that the painting company is no longer ‘just’ the most modern in Europe: it is now permitted to work on the exclusive cars produced by the German-owned Bentley group.
“Our staff are fully equipped in every respect to handle this assignment, and the organisation has also implemented the extraordinary specifications required to obtain this certification. Thus far, only one of our painting centres has been approved to handle Bentley painting assignments,” relates Stefan Hansen, COO at pierre.dk Autolakering A/S.
In 2014, the auto painting group handled 140,000 paint damage repair assignments at 30 ultra-modern painting centres located in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.


The facility that has been approved to perform paint damage repairs on Bentley cars is the super-modern painting centre in Ballerup, Denmark
“This new certification is, of course, yet another stamp of quality. It means a great deal to us that we have now entered into a working relation with Bentley, a quality-focused car brand with a long and venerable history,” says Pierre Legarth, CEO of pierre.dk Autolakering A/S.
pierre.dk has long since passed the 400 employee milestone, and the company has just posted the strongest profits in its 30-year history.
Naturally, a range of especially stringent requirements must be met before a company can become a certified Bentley painter.


“The certification demands special machinery and a special layout at the painting centre; moreover, we have to comply with particular specifications of requirements from Bentley, as well as having to apply a range of other measures. A number of our most highly skilled employees have already completed this process to ensure they live up to the demands made by Bentley,” emphasises Stefan Hansen.
Cars from Bentley, which is currently owned by the German Volkswagen Group, are imported into Denmark by the Semler Group, which – in addition to Volkswagen – also represents makes including Audi, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche, Skoda and Seat.
These are all makes that pierre.dk Autolakering A/S has already been certified to work on.
The new, eye-catching, certification will be assessed once a year, thus helping to maintain focus on the Bentley brand throughout the group.


This exactly mirrors the situation with all other makes of car.
The news of the Bentley certification gels neatly with the fact that, following several years of intensive reinforcement on the Swedish market, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S made its move onto the German market last year.
The plan is to expand operations in Germany, adding several more painting centres by the end of 2016.
“We are working intensively to analyse the German market, which is extremely interesting for us on account of its sheer size,” explains the Group President and CEO.
In 2010, Pierre Legarth sold the majority shareholding in his company to the capital fund Maj Invest Equity, but retains ownership of 24 per cent of the painting group.

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