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Johann Frischholz (on the right) has sold his company, KLZ Meyer, which has now become a part of Autolackierung GmbH – headed up by Pierre Legarth (in the centre). To the left stands Henrik Møller Hansen, Business Development Manager at pierre Autolackierung GmbH.

Press release, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S

pierre.dk Autolakering A/S has ramped up its activities south of the Danish-German border. The most modern auto painting chain in Europe has recently taken over two major damage repair centres in Hannover and Fulda.

Through its German subsidiary pierre Autolackierung GmbH, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S has just taken over two damage repair centres in Fulda and Ronnenberg, near Hannover.
It is the highly respected damage repair centre company KLZ Meyer that has now become a part of the successful, Danish-owned, capital auto painting chain.
“We have taken over a German company with a reputation for according high priority to service, quality, customer care and timely delivery. These are all parameters that align neatly with the pierre.dk concept,” relates Pierre Legarth, CEO of pierre.dk Autolakering A/S.
KLZ Meyer is actually an abbreviation for Karosseri + Lackier-Zentrum Meyer, and the company is headed up by Johann Frischholz, who acquired KLZ Meyer from the Meyer family in April 2007.
The company was originally founded back in 1938 by Gustav Meyer and Heinrich Rackebrandt.


These are two extremely well-functioning painting and damage repair centres, distinguished by a modern and professional approach to the craft. They also have a large and finely cultivated customer portfolio.
“I’ve held several meetings with Pierre Legarth, and I find all aspects of pierre.dk’s approach to auto painting extremely attractive. I have completed this sale to pierre Autolackierung GmbH because this is a good way to secure KLZ Meyer’s future – of that I have absolutely no doubts,” emphasises Johann Frischholz.
He will be continuing as continue as head of department for the two damage repair centres, and is already working hard to implement the particularly competitive concept that has raised the Danish-owned painting chain to the position of market leader in both Denmark and Sweden.


It is still a part of the company’s strategy plan to establish around ten subsidiaries in Germany by the end of 2016, and the take-over of KLZ Meyer naturally constitutes a big step in this direction.
The ultimate aim is for the international expansion of the pierre.dk group to continue via the establishment of painting and damage repair centres near strategically important traffic hubs, where the concentration of vehicles is highest in Germany.
“We are working intensively to analyse the German market, as the population of the country is close to 20 times larger than the Danish population. Roughly the same ratio applies to the number of vehicles, which, of course, makes Germany a highly interesting market for us,” explains Pierre Legarth.
One of the factors that has made pierre.dk a leader in auto painting on the Danish and Swedish markets is the company’s unique concept on which all painting centres and employees focus unswervingly each and every day.


“We provide the highest quality on the market – on time – while simultaneously keeping our prices at a very competitive level. Moreover, we provide a delivery guarantee, which is incredibly important in our sector,” stresses Pierre Legarth.
The intention is to make pierre Autolackierung GmbH the preferred provider of painting services for German car dealers as well – in exactly the same way as pierre.dk is viewed in Denmark and Sweden.
“The path to this goal is laid out by the pierre.dk concept, combined with a commitment to giving employees freedom with responsibility. It also involves focusing on streamlining the processes in combination with a good working environment. Finally, we work with hi-tech machinery, which entails a range of operational advantages,” says Pierre Legarth.
pierre.dk has long since passed the 400 employee milestone, and the company has just posted the strongest profits in its 30-year history.
In 2010, Pierre Legarth sold the majority shareholding in his company to the capital fund Maj Invest Equity, but retains ownership of 24 per cent of the painting group.


pierre.dk Autolakering A/S was founded in 1985 by Pierre Legarth, a qualified auto painter.
In autumn 2010, the investment company Maj Invest Equity purchased 75 per cent of the company, which currently employs more than 400 people. Of these, around 70 are employed by pierre Billackering AB in Sweden.
The founder remains Group President and CEO of pierre.dk A/S.
In 2005, a large new head office was established in Kolding, where the company also runs the biggest and most modern auto painting centre in Europe today.
In spring 2011, the painting group established its first painting centre outside Denmark through the acquisition of Lundblads Billackering AB (the biggest painting centre in Sweden), and following the purchase of a further seven painting centres – in Karlskrona, Helsingborg, Skara, Malmø, Skövde, Västerås and Lidköping – pierre.dk is well on the way to carving out a firm foothold for itself on the Swedish market.
In mid-2014, the group set up a new company: pierre Autolackierung GmbH, based in Hamburg. In October that year, the group acquired its first painting and damage repair centre in Germany – likewise located in Hamburg – and the group’s German operations have most recently been expanded through the purchase of two more painting centres.
pierre.dk is the industry’s preferred partner, and has painting agreements with a large number of vehicle dealers, chains and importers. Pierre Legarth expects that this year, the company will carry out more than 140,000 paint repair assignments in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

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