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Acquisition of Billackspecialisten AB in Borås has added yet another leading auto painting centre in Sweden to pierre.dk Autolakering A/S’ portfolio.

Based in Kolding, Denmark, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S is the leading auto painting group in Europe and has recently taken over another ultra-modern painting centre: Billackspecialisten AB, which is located in Borås, east of Gothenburg in Sweden.
As a result, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S now runs ten auto painting centres in Sweden via its subsidiary pierre Billackering AB, firmly establishing the group’s leading position on the Swedish market.
“This is the biggest auto painting centre in Borås, which Manoli Rashid Ayoub – the previous owner – has built up into an excellent operation over the past 6–7 years,” relates Pierre Legarth, founder and Chairman of the Board of the pierre.dk Group.
Borås is located 60 km east of Gothenburg and has a population of 66,000, which makes it the fourteenth-largest city in Sweden. The municipality as a whole as is home to slightly more than 100,000 people.


“We have taken over the auto painting centre as of 12 October, and the acquisition adds an authentic little gem to our chain of centres. Billackspecialisten has expanded strongly in recent years and this success is largely attributable to the skill of Manoli Rashid Ayoub, who has led the company through an impressive programme of development with the emphasis on logistics and streamlining,” emphasises Pierre Legarth.
“We are also delighted that the former owner has chosen to remain at the auto painting group as Head of Centre in Borås. Manoli is an exceptionally dedicated person who has built up an extraordinary painting centre that is well-known for its high quality and customer service. These are parameters that fit in neatly with the pierre.dk concept,” adds Pierre Legarth.
Manoli Rashid Ayoub, the 43-year-old former owner, is also highly satisfied now that he and his company have become part of the pierre.dk Group.
“I was, of course, already familiar with pierre Billackering AB, and when they presented me with this offer and the exciting prospects for future development, it didn’t take me long to make up my mind,” he says.


The staff in Borås are already hard at work implementing a range of new work methods and procedures at the company.
“pierre.dk has created an extremely competitive concept, and we are eagerly looking forward to introducing it here in Borås,” emphasises Manoli Rashid Ayoub.
With the purchase of the auto painting centre in Borås, pierre Billackering AB now runs ten such centres in Sweden. However, the message from Pierre Legarth is clear:
“Our growth strategy naturally involves additional acquisitions in Denmark, Germany and Sweden. There are several interesting potential purchases in the pipeline, and market developments are increasingly pointing towards a surge for auto painters. So it is with great optimism that we are looking to the future, where parameters such as quality, volume and pricing will make all the difference,” he says.


pierre.dk Autolakering A/S was founded in 1985 by Pierre Legarth, a qualified auto painter.

In autumn 2010, the investment company Maj Invest Equity purchased 75 per cent of the company, which currently employs more than 450 people.

Pierre Legarth, founder of the Group, is Chairman of the Board today, while Bo Jacobsen, former Chief Financial Officer, is now CEO of pierre.dk Autolakering A/S.

In 2005, a large new head office was established in Kolding, where the company also runs the biggest and most modern auto painting centre in Europe today.

In spring 2011, the painting group established its first painting centre outside Denmark through the acquisition of Lundblads Billackering AB (the biggest painting centre in Sweden). Since then 10 more swedish painting centres have been taken over – all by Pierre Billackering AB.

In mid-2014, the group set up a new company: pierre Autolackierung GmbH, based in Hamburg. In October that year, the group acquired its first painting and damage repair centre in Germany – likewise located in Hamburg – and the group’s German operations have most recently been expanded through the purchase of two more painting centres.

pierre.dk is the industry’s preferred partner, and has painting agreements with a large number of vehicle dealers, chains and importers. In 2016 Pierre Legarth expects that, the company will carry out more than 150,000 paint repair assignments in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

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