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Close dialogue between pierre.dk’s customers, insurance companies and pierre.dk

​In 2018, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S set up a development process that will equip customers to perform correct appraisals of insurance claims. This means that the process itself is being significantly streamlined which will benefit customers, insurance companies and pierre.dk itself. Most recently, the insurance companies have also been invited for discussions with the auto painting group.

pierre.dk Autolakering A/S, the largest auto painting group in Northern Europe, has always been at the forefront of streamlining the auto painting process. It has always focused on systematising and optimising the many different processes involved and – in partnership with the company’s many customers – generating value for both parties.

This is one of the reasons that pierre.dk has succeeded in expanding so rapidly in both Denmark and Sweden over the past decades.

Most recently, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S set up its own further development concept at the company’s headquarters in Kolding where seminars on the correct appraisal of insurance claims are regularly held.

Read the full version of the story here (in Danish).

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