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pierre.dk Autolakering A/S, Europe’s largest and most modern lacquer capital chain, has great success with its concept both in Denmark and Sweden. The lacquer chain is now looking towards Germany

Ever since its foundation back in 1985, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S has known only one direction in the market – forward. With its more than 400 employees and its position as market leader in Denmark and Sweden, the lacquer capital chain that repairs more than 150,000 scratches and dents annually is Europe’s largest.
The group is now focusing on Germany, and it has therefore established the subsidiary pierre Autolackierung GmbH which will be based in Hamburg.
– For a while now, we have been probing the German market which of course is extremely important to us because of its size, says Pierre Legarth, group chief executive/CEO of pierre.dk Autolakering A/S.
The subsidiary, pierre Autolackierung GmbH, will be heading acquisitions of existing auto paintwork companies in Germany, and substantive negotiations are already in progress with a number of German lacquer centres.


The plan is to establish five to ten branches in Germany before the end of 2015, and the group has therefore just hired Henrik Møller Hansen as business development manager.
– Henrik Møller Hansen has lived in Germany for 20 years, and his base in Hamburg gives him a large knowledge of the German market, says Pierre Legarth.
The goal is for the international expansion of the pierre.dk group to continue through the establishment of lacquer centres around strategically important hubs where the concentration of cars is the largest in Germany. The plan therefore is to establish up to ten branches already within the next couple of years.
– Our new man is to chart the German market for lacquering cars and for insurance claim repairs compared to the present players in the market. We also need to create an overview of the structure in the market, regulatory requirements regarding establishment and pricing and not the least where the market can be expected to develop, points out Pierre Legarth.


Henrik Møller Hansen needs to spend a considerable amount of his time creating contact to potential candidates for acquisitions and new business partners and other relevant trade interests.
– In the pierre.dk group, we have a very competitive concept which needs to be implemented when acquiring lacquer centres. Henrik Møller Hansen will also be heading that part of the process together with the Danish organisation. But it is obvious that we need to do it one step at a time – controlled growth is a must, points out Pierre Legarth.
He emphasises that substantive negotiations with a number of German lacquer centres are already in progress. When a lacquer centre becomes a part of Europe’s modern lacquer capital chain, there is a long list of operational parameters that need to be optimised – and the new group business development manager is relevant here as well.


One of the things that made pierre.dk a market leader within auto paintwork in both Denmark and Sweden is the unique concept which all lacquer centres and employees focus on every day.
– It is a matter of us accomplishing the highest lacquer quality in the market while offering competitive prices. We also offer a delivery guarantee which is an important parameter in our business, emphasises Pierre Legarth.
The objective is for pierre Autolackierung GmbH to become the preferred lacquer supplier of car dealers just as is the case today in both Denmark and Sweden.
– We’ll reach that objective through the pierre.dk concept and by giving the employees freedom with responsibility and by focusing on streamlining the processes combined with a pleasant work environment. Finally, we use highly technological equipment which entails a number of operational advantages, says Pierre Legarth.

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